• 4th Annual Global
    Cyber Future Dialogue 2022
    Cyber Future Foundation convenes Global Dialogue Series for Leaders and Executives
    18 January 2022, Davos, Switzerland
  • Global Leaders to Convene in Davos, Switzerland
    to Discuss Top Global Cyber Issues and Challenges
    21 January 2022, Davos, Switzerland

About the Cyber Future Dialogue Series

While the industry and the global economic ecosystem are seeking to thrive in an era of innovation led by digital, it is facing an increasing challenge in one of its most inherent aspect - which is cyber. Digital without connectivity of cyberspace is inconsequential and cyberspace without consideration to the cyber risk and security is not impactful.

As executives across multiple sectors in the industry and public sector grapple with consequences of the cyber challenges, it is essential for these leaders to come together to deliberate on the fundamental aspects of cyber risk and address this collectively. Cybersecurity has naturally evolved as a key Board topic and now demands executive decision and action. This can only be achieved through collaboration and informed decision making at the highest levels where the business and the cyber chiefs work together to take these informed decisions and put them into action as any business measure.

With this the Cyber Future Foundation, has convened the Cyber Future Dialogues as an continued measure of executive discussion across business and cyber chiefs, along with public sector and NGO leaders. This Cyber Future Dialogue is an executive roundtable of select global leaders to serve as a pioneer group to put together a call to action on all things that relate to the executive decision and action on cyber.

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Tuesday January 18, 2022
10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Checkin starts at 10:00 AM Program starts at 11:00 AM


Berghotel Schatzalp
Promenade 65, 7270
Davos, Switzerland

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Global Dialogue Series Speakers

2020 Global Cyber Future Dialogue

Sample Agenda
2022 Agenda to be announced on 12 January 2022

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