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    Global Leaders to Convene in Davos, Switzerland to Establish basic tenets of cyber engagement in society

About the Cyber Future Dialogue Series

As the World Economic Forum calls it, we are experiencing the Fourth Industrial Revolution driven by Digital Technology. While the industry and the global economic ecosystem are seeking to thrive in an era of innovation led by digital, it is facing an increasing challenge in one of its most inherent aspect - which is cyber. Digital without connectivity of cyberspace is inconsequential and cyberspace without consideration to the cyber risk and security is not impactful.

As executives across multiple sectors in the industry and public sector grapple with consequences of the cyber challenges, it is essential for these leaders to come together to deliberate on the fundamental aspects of cyber risk and address this collectively. Cybersecurity has naturally evolved as a key Board topic and now demands executive decision and action. This can only be achieved through collaboration and informed decision making at the highest levels where the business and the cyber chiefs work together to take these informed decisions and put them into action as any business measure.

With this the Cyber Future Foundation has convened the Cyber Future Dialogues as an initial measure of executive discussion across business and cyber chiefs, along with public sector and NGO leaders. This Cyber Future Dialogue is an executive roundtable of select global leaders to serve as a pioneer group to put together a call to action on all things that relate to the executive decision and action on cyber.


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Wednesday January 22, 2019
12:00 PM to 6:00 PM


Berghotel Schatzalp
Promenade 65, 7270
Davos, Switzerland


Executive Statements
Cyber Executive Panels

Cyber Future Dialogue 2019 Program to be Announced by November 2018

Cyber Future Dialogue 2018 Program

Executive Vison Statement

Risto Siilasmaa

Chair of the Board of Directors
Nokia Corporation
Chairman of the Board of Directors
F-Secure Corporation

Global Leadership Delegates

Charles Blauner

Managing Director and Global Head, Information Security

John Scimone

Senior Vice President and Chief Security Officer
Dell Technologies

Tim McKnight

EVP & Chief Information Security Officer
Thomson Reuters

Mark Hughes

BT Security

David Stender

Chief Information Security Officer
M&T Bank

Robert Coles

Chief Information Security Officer,

Valmiki Mukherjee

Convener, Cyber Future Dialogue
Chairman & Founder, Cyber Future Foundation

Jacquiline Johnson

Former Chief Information Security Officer
Nordea Bank

Rod Beckstrom

CEO, Beckstrom

Gurvinder Ahluwalia

Founder & CEO
Digital Twin Labs

Hans Wilhelm-Dunn

General Secretary
Cybersecurity Alliance Germany

Amandeep Midha

Chief Technology Officer

Dmitri Alperovich

Co-Founder & CTO

Gene Golovinsky

Director, Security R&D

Robert Rodriguez

Chairman & Founder

Sascha Maier

Chief Security Officer
IWC Schaffhausen

Ric Longenecker

Chief Information Security Officer

Vikram Phatak

NSS Labs

Oliver Wyler

Chief Information Security Officer
Vontobel AG

Bruno Blumenthal

VP, Chief Information Security Officer
RUAG Defense

Greg Day

Chief Information Security Officer, EMEA
Palo Alto Networks

Pavan Duggal

Advocate, International Cyber Crime and Cyber Law Expert
Supreme Court of India

Dialogue Executive Advisors

Dave Marwell

Vice Chairman, Founding Trustee
Cyber Future Foundation

ADM. (Ret.) Patrick Walsh

Former 59th Commander
US Pacific Fleet

Danil Kerimi

Member of the Leadership Team, Head, Technology Industries
World Economic Forum

David van Duren

Head, Secretariat
Global Forum on Cybersecurity Expertise

Dialogue Program Directors

Harold Collum

Executive Director, Founding Trustee
Cyber Future Foundation

Dan Talbott

Program Director
Cyber Future Foundation

2019 Global Cyber Future Dialogue Agenda Coming Soon*

2018 Global Cyber Future Dialogue Agenda for Reference*

Cyber Future Dialogue Program Wednesday, 22nd January, 2019
Schedule Topic Details
12.30 - 12.40 Welcome to the Cyber Future Dialogue from CFF Cyber Future Dialogue Conveners
  • Valmiki Mukherjee, Founder & Chairman, Cyber Future Foundation
  • Robert Rodriguez, Founder & Chairman, SINET
12.40 – 13.20 Discussion: The current considerations for cyber in the Board The Executive Delegate Panel will discuss the current considerations for cyber in the Board and executive level.
  • John Scimone, SVP & Chief Security Officer, Dell Technologies, United States
  • Tim McKnight, EVP & Chief Information Security Officer, Thomson Reuters, United States
  • Ric Longeneker, VP & Chief Information Security Officer, RUAG Defense, Switzerland
  • Oliver Wyler, CISO, Vontobel AG, Switzerland

We will have a facilitated discussion on the questions and challenges facing the board on cybersecurity matters. Some of the questions we will pose and seek answers from the delegates and subsequently to the larger community are:
  • What are the requirements for making informed business decisions that are cyber relevant?
  • What are the risk considerations for the board and the executive management on cyber?
  • How should the board be prepared for the addressing long term cyber?
  • How will the board be prepared and cyber resilient for unforeseen incidents?
  • Who should the board turn to for expertise and effective guidance, do the board members need to have certain qualifications?
13.20 – 13.40 Executive Statement on the Future of Cyber in Global Economy - Cyber from a C-Suite Point of View Risto Siilasmaa
Chair of the Board of Directors
Nokia Corporation
Chairman of the Board of Directors, F-Secure Corporation
13.40 – 14.20 Discussion: How can we measure cyber risk and effectively use mitigatie cyber risk and apply countermeasures CFD Cyber Delegate Panel will discuss how can we measure cyber risk and effectively use risk mitigation tools such as cyber insurance
  • Mark Hughes, President, BT Security, United Kingdom
  • Vikram Phatak, Chief Executive Officer, NSS Labs, United States
  • Robert Coles, Chief Information Security Officer, GlaxoSmithKline, United Kingdom
  • Jacqueline Johnson, Former Chief Information Security Officer, Nordea Bank, Sweden

Cyber is an ever changing domain. Both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of cyberchallenges change by the hour, how can we assess risk on a continual basis and use cyber risk assurance mechanisms to mitigate them. Cyber insurance would encourage and incentivize improved information assurance and a more wholesome vision of best practices that connects technology and organizations more effectively and supports the development of a robust digital economy that can be relied on to perform and deliver value.
14.20 – 14.30 Break    
14:30 – 14.40 Executive Statement on the Future of Cyber in Global Economy Executive Statement: CFF Programs and the Global Stakeholder Engagement
14.40 – 15.20 Discussion: Who are the adversarial actors in the cyberspace and how to protect businesses from them CFD Cyber Delegate Panel will delve into the topic, who are the adversarial actors in the cyberspace and how to protect businesses from them?
  • David Stender Chief Security Officer, M&T Bank, United States
  • Rod Beckstrom, CEO, Becstrom, Former CEO, ICANN, United States
  • Hans-WilhelmDunn, General Secretary, Cybersecurity Alliance, Germany
  • Dmitry Alperovich, Co-Founder & CTO, Crowdstrike, United States

We strive to know our customers, we are keen to know our competitors and now we have a distinct set of adversaries, who are they, how can we protect our assets. How much business can do versus where we need public sector and government help in defeating cybercrime and thwarting cyber attacks. Developing a clear path to take measured action on cyber adversaries through public private partnership with law enforcement and government support. We will also consider economic models for incentivizing investments in cybersecurity.
15.20 – 16.00 Discussion: How do we prepare for disruptive, innovative technology and talent CFD Cyber Delegate Panel will discuss how do we prepare for disruptive, innovative technology and talent? How can cyberlaw keep pace with the variety of cybercrime?
  • Pavan Duggal, Advocate, Supreme Court of India, India
  • Amandeep Midha, CTO, Ernit, Denmark
  • Gene Golovinsky, Director, Security R&D, Intuit, USA
  • Gurvinder Ahluwalia, CEO, Digital Twin Labs, USA

Quantum Computing, Block Chain, AI are only a few aspects of the digital disruption. Each of them individually and all of them collectively are disrupting businesses at a rate unforeseen in past decades. The advent of AI with its myriad application and consequences have already created significant questions and challenges, both in the technology and ethical realms, it needs a serious treatment. So does quantum computing with its impending consequences on the foundation of security through challenging current encryption standards. And from a disrupting business standpoint, blockchain certainly has the biggest impact. How do we prepare cyber talent for this. How do we keep legal framework upto date with this disruption? Will the rise of crypto currency or AI or quantum computing be held hostage to legalese? How can we have the technology supported by talent, and a legal framework to uphold the law aligned?
14.00 – 14.10 Break    
16.10 – 16.50 Rapid Fire Discussion: What constitutes a cyber program blue print for a secure, resilient enterprise CFD Cyber Delegate Panel will initiate a discussion on what constitutes a cyber program blue print for a secure, resilient enterprise?
  • Charles Blauner, Head of Information Security, Global CISO, Citigroup, United States
  • Sascha Maier, CISO, IWC Schaffhausen, Switzerland
  • Bruno Blumenthal, VP, CISO, RUAG Defense, Switzerland
  • Greg Day, CISO - EMEA, Palo Alto Networks, UK

Businesses are looking for effective and seasoned cyber leaders to address the growing impact of cyber and govern the domains associated with it. However at many times the most seasoned cyber chiefs are challenged with sprawling cyber supply chains. So it is essential that the cyber programs follow a certain blueprint for success based on their size and nature of business. The blueprint could be adopted and molded based on the effectiveness of its attributes associated with the business. What are these components and how can they be effectively implemented?
16.50 - 17.00 Conclusion with Action Items & Resolution
  • Valmiki Mukherjee, Founder & Chairman, Cyber Future Foundation
  • Robert Rodriguez, Founder & Chairman, SINET
17.00 – 18.00 Reception X-Ray Lounge, Hotel Schatzalp

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